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How do I unsubscribe from Jobform Premium?
If you want to cancel your subscription, please login to your Jobform account and go to your profile. Here you will find the unsubscribe-button. However, please note that this will not delete your Jobform account – this will just cancel your Premium subscription. You will still be able to log in to Jobform and see your applications, but you will no longer have access to all the benefits of being a Premium member.

Why am I paying for this, when the website says it’s free?
There are two versions of Jobform for private. There is the basic free version and a Premium version which includes many more features and tools.

Is there a maximum amount of applications that I can add in Jobform?
Both in the free version and the Premium version you have unlimited amount of space available for applications.

Will there always be a free version of Jobform?

What is the difference between the free version and Premium?
Jobform Premium offers extra features, such as prioritizing your applications and calendar reminders.

When I signed up to Jobform Premium, I was promised a welcoming gift. How do I get that?
You go to the website www.giftcable.com and start the claiming process for the gift. Details for this was sent to you in an email when you signed up.


How can Jobform be free for businesses?
Right now the Jobform Business is what you can call a beta version. It is a stable product, but we are still testing and adding more features. So to help us test the product, we are offering it for free in an extended period. Once you have signed up for Jobform it stays free but in the future there might be some features that you would want to pay for.

Will it cost us money in the future?
When Jobform is fully developed, there will be a basic free version, where you have the possibility to buy extra features such as a CV saving database and smart segmentation tools.

Why should I use Jobform instead of a well known HR tool?
Jobform is a very cost effective tool for companies that don't have the amount of funds that the bigger corporations do. It is simple, effective and gets the job done in a smart and professional manner.

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