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Keep track of your applicants

72 % of all businesses accept job applications by e-mail. It makes it difficult to get a good view of the candidates for the job. Furthermore it is hard to keep track of the communication with the candidates.

Jobform provides the best tools to help you find the perfect candidate through a simple workflow. Management of job applications becomes more organised and it will centralise all applicants, communications and evaluations in one secure location.

Jobform is a free tool and we know, that you'll love it.

Create your job adverts

Simply enter your job adverts into Jobform and you're ready to start hiring. If you already have your job description ready, then you’ll be ready to roll within just a few minutes.

Promote the positions

Spread the word that you're hiring; promote the job through your website, job boards and social networks. We provide you with a clean cut, customisable job page with your own logo.

Never lose track of a candidate

You will never lose track of a candidate when you use our custom workflows and powerful search tools. Collaborate with your colleagues and partners to sort and categorise each candidate in a systematic and efficient way.

Hire the top talent!

Identify top candidates using feedback loops, questionnaires, and custom assessments. Make sure your next colleague is above and beyond the standard anticipated.

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